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Z Girls Press is the creative fiction imprint of M.K.Z. Books, Inc. and the sister imprint to Calling Card Books.

About Calling Card Books and Z Girls Press

Calling Card Books is a small hybrid publisher whose Mission is to help authors create stories that inspire, enlighten and delight. Our Vision is that our books help the general welfare of the reading public by working with authors whose message can transform lives. Our authors are experts who can teach, preach, and inform. Or people whose life story is inspiring and will make a difference in the lives of others when shared. We have an ever-growing list of exciting and informative titles.

We are committed to helping authors create good books and get them to market. If your project is right for either one of our imprints, Calling Card Books for non-fiction and Z Girls Press for creative works, after reviewing your submission we’ll tell you. Then we work very closely with you to make sure your manuscript is the absolute best it can be for your target audience.

We will create a beautiful cover, design the book interior and ebook, announce your project via a press release and publish your print or ebook through Amazon for direct to consumer sales and IngramSpark, the small press division of Ingram Content Group, for worldwide distribution to booksellers and others who need good books. If your title is not right for CCB, but you like our style, use our A-La-Carte menu of services to see how we can help improve your manuscript so your perfect publisher will say “yes.”

Our authors get hands-on guidance every step of the way from book idea to editing to final publication. We help authors turn their passion, expertise or idea into an engaging book that doubles as an informative calling card about them. Through our professional associations, we can create the perfect marketing plan by taking advantage of the many programs and resources available to us to get your books into readers hands.

Hybrid publishers behave just like traditional publishing companies in all respects, except that we publish books using an author-subsidized business model, as opposed to financing all costs ourselves. In exchange, we return a higher-than-industry-standard share of sales proceeds to the author.

In other words, a hybrid publisher makes income from a combination of publishing services and book sales.
When your book sells is when we make a profit, it is truly a win/win business model.

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The Passage at Moose Beach

In this middle-grade novel, Alicia encounters unusual, unexpected friends plus terrifying enemies on a magical journey in nature. She finds compassion and friendship while discovering her way home.


A Z Girls Press

Middle Grade Book


All About Water

This fun illustrated book tells the complete story of water use, re-use, plumbing design and much more. Quit throwing away your money!  This book can teach you how to save money, energy, and have cleaner water while doing so. The author is a water expert and advocate, this book as a growing number of 5 star reviews.

Calling Card Books


Clyde The Cat That Came In From The Cold

Clyde is the true story of author/illustrator Daphne Stammer’s adopted cat.  Through beautiful narrated illustrations it tells the sweet story of their happy life together. Twenty-five years ago Daphne took in a homeless cat that became her perfect pet.  Daphne wanted to share Clyde’s legacy — if you work hard, your dreams can come true!


A Z Girls Press

Illustrated Children’s Book

Saving America one Crowd At A Time

This book will help you learn the in’s and out’s of crowdfunding.

Calling Card Books



Culture To Color Deland

Explore the sights of DeLand Florida through the eyes of photographer and creative genius behind this coloring book series. Bibi LeBlanc shares the historic buildings and interesting sights for YOU to color while getting to know this Mainstreet USA designated town.


A Z Girls Press

Coloring Book for Grownups!

A Tangeled Web

The novel is a dystopia that examines a future world where animals and ornamental planting are against the law. It has been descibed as the prelude to George Orwell’s 1984.

Book by our Founder

A Quick Succession of Busy Nothings

What buyers are saying.

What a beautiful book!  The artwork looks like it came out of Jane Austen’s books (some of it did!)  

I love this!  I can’t wait until my girlfriend and I get together for wine and time with Jane. 

A Z Girls Press

Coloring Book for grownups!

The Road To Success

To take a road trip to Success, we will need a destination as well as a GPS. Success is described here as the achievement of a goal. The goals we adopt may be the result of experience, vision or desire. They crystallize our desire to get to a better place.

 Our Founder contributor

Current Projects for Calling Card Books and Z Girls Press

Our Next Author –

Bernt Ullmann


Often referred to as “The Man Behind the Brands,” Ullmann has been the business acceleration expert trusted by top fashion moguls and CEOs such as Daymond John, Eddie Lampert, and Tommy Hilfiger. His debut book will show you everything you need to build a brand that creates lasting wealth.


Wealth Acceleration Blueprint

coming soon!


Our creative imprint Z Girls Press has exciting new and upcoming titles, too.

A Quick Succession Of Busy Nothings – A Coloring Book Featuring the Wit and Wisdom of Jane Austen

By Kate Zarrella Available now.  Click the SHOP button and find it in our store.

Clyde – The Cat Who Came In From The Cold

By artist Daphne Stammer Available now. This is a true story about Daphne’s rescue cat which she wrote and illustrated 25 years ago.  We are thrilled to help her bring it to children and families everywhere.

The Passage at Moose Beach

By Michael Foster Available now. This lovely illustrated middle-grade book has gotten great reviews from teachers and kids alike.

Culture To Color – DeLand

By photographer Bibi Leblanc Available now. An adult coloring book containing the sights and scenes of beautiful DeLand, Florida.

Culture To Color – New Smyrna Beach

By photographer Bibi Leblanc coming soon. An adult coloring book containing the sights and scenes of historic New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

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