J.R. Strayve, JR.


J.R.’s Story

The seeds of this novel started rumbling around in Strayve’s imagination decades ago. He says, “Whenever I read historical material, I find myself feeling like I am in the scene.” Strayve has a bit of Author James Thurber’s daydreaming character Walter Mitty in him. As the father of three adult children and three grandchildren, creating stories for them was one of the best parts of parenting for this true creative.

Braxton’s Century came to life after Strayve suffered an accident in 2016 and was only able to work part-time as a financial planner for an extended period. Fatigued and weakened by illness, he passed out while working out at a gym where he regularly exercised. After the accident it took a few months to regain his strength, so he would go for long walks to exercise and refocus his thoughts. He says that during those walks in the inspiring beauty of San Diego where he lives, he reverted to the “daydreaming, window-gazing, wildly imaginative” days of his youth which gave birth to Prince Braxton.

Strayve’s favorite person history is Winston Churchill who was born in 1875. His familiarity with the time-period, vivid imagination, and literary license determined that Prince Braxton would be born in 1860. This Epic novel chronicles Prince Braxton’s life through and up until his 100th birthday. The character is brilliant, strikingly handsome, and lives a life robust with travel, wealth, intrigue, love, and loss. Early readers have compared Strayve’s storytelling to that of multiple bestselling author Ken Follett.

J.R.’s Novel

This Epic novel follows a British aristocrat from birth in 1866 until his 100th birthday in 1966. As a young boy, he is surrounded by the rarefied world of his fictional royal family. Prince Braxton is born at the family’s palatial country estate and grows up in the fabulous Renaissance House chateau in London.
Protagonist Prince Braxton is typical of classic 19th Century romance stories. He is brilliant, strikingly handsome, talented, and ambitious. At an early age, he travels Europe eventually creating a vast financial empire. Braxton’s wife is the Grand Duchess Valentina.

While in Imperial Russia, he develops mines and oil wells for the financially floundering Imperial family. He also acts as royal envoy for his father, the king, in the late 19th Century serving in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and India while continuing to build an international rubber and shipping empire. He eventually ventures into Canada and the United States. Readers will be mesmerized as Braxton builds fame and fortune in London, Vienna, Venice, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Tokyo, Calcutta, San Francisco, Colorado, and New York. The novel follows an interesting cast of characters through their loves, losses, and adventures.