Clyde The Cat That Came In From The Cold | Paperback

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Clyde lived on the street in Sacramento 25 years ago, until he gazed in the living room window of author Daphne Stammer’s house and thought it looked cozy and comfortable. He worked hard to get her attention, and she fell in love with the skinny little homeless cat. During their years together, Daphne made several watercolor paintings of her new best friend and way back then, turned them into a one-of-a-kind handmade book.

Clyde’s legacy is his tale of dreams; if you want them more than anything in the world, they can become reality. His story is of life’s ups and downs, a friendship full of love, and the life-changing act of rescuing a pet.


"What a wonderful story... many cat lovers can relate as most of us with cats have taken a cat in that needed love, shelter, and care."
—Tania Dixon, Mother of Andrew

"My girls loved it! They said the cat was too cute."
—Shannon Green, Mother of Jenny, Taylor, & John

"When I read it, I cried. It is a sweet story full of Daphne's beautiful art."
—Carol Brewer, Art Gallery Curator

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