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Build strong brands using a step-by-step blueprint to achieve business acceleration and create lasting wealth.

Your guide to building a strong brand using a step-by-step, easy to follow blueprint to achieve business acceleration and create lasting wealth.

Author Bernt Ullmann, often referred to as “the man behind the brands,” is a trusted brand acceleration expert, primarily in the fashion industry, for over 30 years. His debut book introduces and explains the systematic seven-step process he developed to help entrepreneurs, no matter who, launch a successful brand or scale their business.


I trust Bernt when it comes to my personal brand, Casa Zeta-Jones, and if you are serious about building your brand, this book is for you.
—Catherine Zeta-Jones | Multi-award winning Actress, Hollywood Royalty, Brand Visionary, Entrepreneur and Mom

"Bernt put years of hard-earned knowledge from executive management, high stakes negotiations, and strategic partnerships into the 7 steps process in The Billion Dollar Branding Blueprint. You can use this book as a resource to build and scale your brand. I’m proud to endorse the book as its contents served me personally when I was a startup. The Billion Dollar Branding Blueprint is sure to become a must-have for business owners no matter who you are or what you do."
—Daymond John | Author, Entrepreneur, on ABC' Shark Tank television show

“As the inventor of the infomercial and original Shark on Shark Tank I’ve been involved in building brands that have generated hundreds of millions in revenues. When it comes to building and scaling a brand to build real net worth, there is no better man than Bernt Ullmann! He is the man behind the brands that have generated over $6 billion in revenues, and every entrepreneur should take his wisdom seriously. This book is the bible for building your brand!”
—Kevin Harrington | Inventor Of The Infomercial & Original Shark on Shark Tank

“After coaching thousands of entrepreneurs over the years, I never realized the significance of building ‘brand equity,’ or what a brand really is. But after reading Bernt’s book, and working with his guidance over the last few years, I’m the biggest fan of his strategies outlined in this book! They’re the difference between going broke and building a fortune!”
—Greg Writer | The Entrepreneur’s Mentor

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