Tania Dixon

Proofreader & General Administrative Help

Tania’s Story

Born in Sacramento, CA and a 2002 Graduate of Windsor High School, Tania Dixon enjoyed swimming, reading, and learning new things as a child.  She was academically accelerated in high school and college graduating from the University of California, Santa Cruz in March 2006, one quarter early.  She majored in European History and continues to be an avid reader of history, both fiction and non-fiction, and  more.

 Now a mother of a three-year-old son, Andrew, Tania helps his father Johnny, and grandfather Al, operate a horse boarding ranch, which they all call home, in Sacramento.  She says, “ working on the ranch is hard, involves lots of physical work, but it is very rewarding.  I love working with animals and have grown to appreciate the strength, beauty, and personality of all of the horses on the ranch.”  Proofreading, general office support, ranch work, and cat-sitting are how she keeps life balanced these days, along with raising and eventually home-schooling her son.  

Tania’s life after college posed challenges and job losses, due to the recession in the mid-2000s, which impacted her career in the insurance industry and the two major national insurance companies that she worked for during that time. It also  seriously impacted her health, and she hopes to write  about that experience and what it took to regain control of her life. Helping with projects here at MKZ Books has been a terrific learning opportunity for her.

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