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Michael Foster Author of The Moose Beach Series

As a child, Michael’s family spent long summers at the family cabin in Idaho, built by his maternal great-grandfather in the late 1920’s. Michael, his brother, and two sisters would endlessly explore the vast Boise National Forest around the cabin and lake. He calls himself a “free-range child” saying that his parents seldom knew where he was as his inquisitive nature kept him out and about, always exploring.

Michael has enjoyed watching his adult daughter grow into the same nature loving adventurous person he was and draws writing inspiration from both his own experiences at the lake and watching his wife and daughter experience the woods in their own way.

Bernt Ullmann Author of The Billion Dollar Branding Blueprint

For many years, Mr. Ullmann has remained behind the scenes contributing to the growth of massively successful global brands like FUBU International ($800 million in annual retail sales) and negotiating highly lucrative brand deals, including the largest multi-billion dollar brand deal in history between Kohl’s and Jennifer Lopez.

Truly an industry titan and the best-kept-secret in branding, licensing, fashion, and business acceleration strategies, Mr. Ullmann is highly sought-after by the world’s top brands, celebrities, and CEOs. Finally, he is coming out from behind the scenes and opening his playbook to reveal what it takes to launch and build a massively successful brand and business.

Daphne Stammer

Dan Juday Author of Waltzing a Two-Step

Dan Juday is a retired film producer, publisher and armchair poet who lives with his dog Mercy in North Leitrim, Ireland.

He produced several award-winning documentaries with Journey Films for broadcast on PBS, ABC and other networks in the US and abroad. He directed the US publication of The Catechism of the Catholic Church for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and (then) Bantam-Doubleday-Dell. His poetry has been published in The Famer’s Journal and Force 10, and read for The Yeats Summer School.

Ryan Larson Author of  Ladder to Leader: My Journey From Failure to Fire to Financial Freedom


Ryan Larson is the principal Investment Advisor Representative and Founder of FirstLine Financial, LLC located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Ryan believes that everyone deserves a chance at the “American Dream” and to lead a life they want to lead in retirement.

In five short years, FirstLine Financial, LLC earned a Service Mark, the equivalent to a trademark in manufacturing, for their Written Retirement Action Plan, known as the W.R.A.P. process, which was inspired by the Incident Action Plan used in his firefighting career. The W.R.A.P. process has proven it’s worth to his clients.

Daphne Stammer

Greg Chick Author of All About Water

Greg Chick is a water advocate, LEED-AP (Green plumbing expert), CWM (Certified Water Manager), and ARCSA-AP (American Rainwater Catchment Association Accredited Professional). He has over 40 years’ experience in the field of Plumbing, he is the “Do-it-Yourself Plumber” on YouTube, and is passionate about the global water crisis.

Daphne Stammer Author of Clyde: The Cat That Came In From The Cold

Daphne Stammer is an artist, teacher, docent, traveler, equestrian, and cat rescuer. She has been pursuing her creative passion through the love of all animals and nature. Daphne’s artwork is shown throughout Northern California and has received numerous awards.

She is represented by several galleries in the Sacramento area where she lives. Daphne especially loves and has a special connection with horses and cats. When not riding her horse JT, she can be found in her studio with the comfort of her cat.

Daphne Stammer

Sean Minster Author of What Goes Unseen & Other Tales from Afar

Sean Minster was born and raised outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He grew up within the Irish-American community participating in hurling, Irish dancing, baking soda bread and scones, and volunteering for the Milwaukee Irish Fest. Celtic folktales and story-telling styles strongly influenced young Sean, as did the hundreds of adventure books he read as a child.

They were as much an escape from the bitter cold winters as they were a promise of adulthood adventures, but only if one chose to pursue such a life. He was fascinated by the story of humanity, aka history. And the way things worked or what you needed to do to make something work, aka science. Above all he was drawn to the practice of survival, which breeches not only the human condition but the living condition and is, in the author’s opinion—the purest path to education, experience, and existence.

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