About Calling Card Books

Our Mission and Vision

The Mission of Calling Card Books is to produce books that Educate, Inspire and Inform. Our Vision is that our books help the general welfare of the reading public by working with authors whose message can transform lives. Our authors are experts who can teach, preach and inform or people whose life story is inspiring and will make a difference in the lives of others when shared.

Our award-winning team can help you with:

Developmental Editing

We will read your existing pages, go over an outline or story idea, and do what it takes to help understand your goals. Just like a business, your book should have a Mission and a Vision.  Our C.E.O. brings a Corporate background in Analysis and Strategic Planning to play in the book writing business.  Together with you, we will define a target audience which dictates the style of writing.

We have over 20 years of writing experience in many genres: business writing, marketing and web content, journalism and even some fiction.  We’ve collectively earned awards and recognition for much of the content over the years. We’ll do developmental editing of existing pages or co-write with you to help develop a book that is read to the very last page and educates, inspires or motivates your readers for generations to come.



We are a full-service indie publisher. From quality content to the looks of your book, we can help get your title all the way from an idea to a finished book available to the reading public. We only select a few exciting titles to publish each year under the Calling Card Books name.

Our brand voice matters so we are choosy, but we can still help you find your way through the maze of publishing options to make your book available to readers. We are a small indie publisher, a proud member of the Independent Book Publisher’s Association through which we have a world of exceptional talent to help us help you make the best decisions for your needs. Educating writers is a passion here, even if we aren’t your publisher at the end of the day.

Ebook Conversion

We can develop and format your book into an e-book with flowable text. We offer conversion services for the most popular ebook formats including Epub and Mobi. Ebooks are a tricky thing to make right if you have any kind of illustrations, inserts, photos, charts, etc.

Check out our book, All About Water – As Told by The Plumber Who’s Seen It All.  That Ebook required close collaboration between our graphic artist, Audrey, and our book designer, Kate, but they produced a beautiful ebook, with 53 illustrations, that works well and looks as good as the print book. Our team loves a good challenge!


Coaching and Workshops

Helping aspiring authors learn is icing on the book cake here at Calling Card Books. We have been there, done that and love to help make your journey as smooth and seamless as it can be. It’s difficult in one short “services” paragraph to go into the details of what coaching a writer/author involves.

Writing is a solitary task and two minds are often better than one. We can be your sounding board, your ‘don’t stop you can do it’ coach, your ‘how do I do this?” advisor and your ‘that will never work!” critic (who is not a friend or family member that you have to live with).

More Ways We Can Help and Support You

Book Design

We can make your book enchanting inside and out. From the front cover to the last chapter, your book will make an impact.

Web Design

Our talents don’t stop at books! We can help you develop a personalized website or landing page for your book.


Need help with photos for your front cover or content for your chapters? Our talented team can photograph exactly what you need.


Our talented partner, SDSU Graduate Audrey Ly, can create beautiful, custom illustrations for your next book project.
Proud Independent Book Publishers Association Member
Association of Publishers for Special Sales Member

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