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Clyde: The Cat That Came In From the Cold

We’ve changed our name and location!

MKZ Books, LLP is an Independent publishing services provider helping authors develop books that educate, inspire, and inform. Our focus is to help authors navigate the many options available to them in the book publishing world.  We work with authors who are experts in their field, people whose stories will inspire others, or authors whose imaginations take readers to places unexpected .

With the rapid deployment of so many new technologies and publishing options in the last few years, that give authors the ability to get their book to market more easily than before, our small company adopted a strategy to get out of the middle and support you in a different way.  MKZ Books, Inc. no longer exists – but rest assured Calling Card Books, Z Girls Press, and Perdisco Press authors, your books transitioned to MKZ Books, LLP and are still availble to the marketplace.  Your situation will not change, unless you want it to. 

Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision is that the books we work on will make a difference in the lives of those who read them.  Since 2014,  Calling Card Books has taken authors through the many steps of book development from idea or early manuscript, through editing, and design to the finished book.  For many years, we published a select number of titles under our non-fiction, fiction, and academic imprints, Calling Card Books, Z GIrls Press, and Perdisco Press. We know the publishing industry inside and out and have always been there for Independent Authors and Author/Publishers through our A-La-Cart menu.

We are picky about projects we take on, so our intake process selects authors committed to their chosen field, or have magical imaginations that take us away, or mastery of a subject that brings joy to their students.  We can’t help you if we don’t know your genre. During the intake process we let you know that marketing is the hardest step of getting your book noticed. Calling Card Books, through our professional associations, can recommend the right publicist or marketing partner for you and your book.

MKZ Books relocated from California to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina in November 2021, a move that takes us back to the East Coast – home until the year 2000.

Thanks for wonderful memories we take with us, California!  We’ll never forget our time there.

Marta Zarrella


During her “late-in-life” career as an award winning Freelance Writer and Journalist, Marta wrote for newspapers and magazines, did web and marketing content, as well as writing and editing training material for small businesses and non-profits.  Calling Card Books was born as an imprint to publish business books, but demand grew and so did the imprint.  We now publish memoirs and other non-fiction that fit our Mission and Vision. 

Z Girls Press was born from Marta’s lifelong dream of writing a children’s book. Though that has yet to happen, we have published a few beloved children’s, middle-grade, young adult, and adult fiction titles including our Creative Director’s own coloring book series, Color Lit.

Kate Zarrella

Creative Director

Kate Zarrella is a 2012 University of California Davis double honors graduate in English and Psychology. She interned at Reaktion Books, a non-fiction publisher in London, England.

Now she’s joined the team at Calling Card Books as the Creative Director. She specializes in book design, cover design, web design and e-book conversion. She as also illustrated two literary themed coloring books, A Quick Succession of Busy Nothings and Color The Bard.

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