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Marta’s Story

Storytelling was such an important part of life for Marta’s family. Road trips up and down the coast from Florida to New England were filled with creating pass around stories or listening to books on tape. It is no wonder her three kids are avid readers and that she began writing after the family’s move from Florida to Southern California in 1999. In 2001 as part of her “back to work” plan after raising three children, Marta began taking writing courses eventually enrolling in a two-year certificate program which launched her third career as a Freelance Writer.   

Her first career was with G.T.E. Corporation where she worked in Information Systems and Accounting, progressing from Analyst to Strategic Planning Director in twelve years. All of those jobs required writing letters, system and staff documentation, business summaries and much more.

In 2007 the family’s home was destroyed by a devastating firestorm. All of Southern California, it seemed, was on fire. Marta processed her confusion and many thoughts after that life-changing event in what became her first published, award-winning novel. ATangeled Web, Rejecting Technology’s Assault on Mother Nature was a three-year project which she published as M.P. Zarrella – to be gender neutral she says. We call her Author of Fiction the second career.  

During the third career as a Freelance Writer and Journalist, she wrote for newspapers and magazines, did web and marketing content, as well as writing and editing training material for small businesses and non-profits. Many of her newspaper and magazine articles have earned awards and recognition, and most can still be found online.

A native Texan, Marta graduated from the University of Texas, El Paso in 1979 with a Bachelor of Business Administration. She eventually “retired” from full-time work after the birth of her second child, Rob. After Rob’s birth, our C.E.O. had the pleasure of forging a path for Part-Time Professionals as the first salaried part-time employee for GTE Florida until her third child, Kate our Creative Director, came along.The following year, firstborn son Rick was beginning Kindergarten, so she and her ex-husband decided it was a good time to become a full-time Mom when Maternity Leave with Kate ran out.  Being Mom is her favorite job of all.

While raising children, Marta loved being involved with her children and in the community. Philanthropy and involvement in the community are an important part of life and something that keeps our Founder very grounded. Being able to help good people write good books is a late-in-life dream come true! This is the final career, for sure!

Some Of Marta’s Work

Contributing Author

The Road to Success

Developmental Edit, Publisher

Saving America One Crowd at a Time

Co-Author, Publisher

All About Water


A Tangeled Web