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Press for The Billion Dollar Branding Blueprint

Forbes: A Celebrity Branding Expert's Insights On Improving Brand Strategy And Execution

By Steve Olenski

Often referred to as ‘The 6 Billion Dollar Man’ and ‘The Man Behind the Brands,’ Bernt Ullmann is the CEO and chairman of the board of Celebrity Lifestyle Brands. He has been the trusted business acceleration expert by top fashion moguls and CEOs, such as Daymond John, Eddie Lampert, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Fire Nation Podcast: 7 Steps To Creating Wealth Through Brand Equity with Bernt Ullmann

Bernt is arguably the world’s leading expert in celebrity brand development, brand management, licensing & distribution, and monetization. He has contributed to the successful launches of brands for clients including Jennifer Lopez, Adam Levine, Nicki Minaj, and many others. The brands he has worked with have generated over $6 billion in global sales.

The Entrepreneur Network: Power Players with Bernt Ullman & Grant Cardone

Bernt Ullmann came to my offices in Miami to discuss how he built brands and marketed for Tommy Hilfiger, FUBU, Jennifer Lopez and many other celebrity brands. This is a must listen conversation for those of you interested in building brands – both your company brand and personal brand. Take care of your brand. Nurture it. Grow it. Protect it. 10X it!”

Bernt Ullmann on The SharkPreneur Podcast

Seth [Greene] talks to Bernt Ullmann of Celebrity Lifestyle Brands about the importance of creating brand equity, and how the principles of brand marketing for celebrities can translate to non-celebrity brands and entrepreneurs…

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Press for The Passage At Moose Beach

The Passage At Moose Beach Book Launch

Author Michael Foster celebrated the launch of his middle-grade adventure novel, The Passage At Moose Beach, with students and fans at  Cesar Chavez Central Library in Stockton, California.

Press for Finding The Lost: Moose Beach Book Two

Finding the Lost on The Authors Show

Author Michael Foster chats with The Authors Show about his new book Finding The Lost, the sequel to The Passage At Moose Beach.

In this YA novel, fourteen-year-old Alicia is stunned and confused when she finds her parents frozen inside an amber bubble totally unresponsive when she bangs on the barrier and yells to them.

Alicia has a gut wrenching feeling that the Wild Side, a magical and dangerous realm, is behind this. She must find mystical Ancients in the magical realm or her parents may be doomed, but can she succeed?

Press for Clyde The Cat That Came In From The Cold

Clyde: The Cat That
Came In From The Cold
Launch Party

Author and Artist Daphne Stammer signs copies of Clyde: The Cat That Came In From The Cold at her book launch party at the ACAI Studios & Gallery in Fair Oaks, California.

Press for All About Water

2017 North American Water Loss Conference, San Diego, CA

Greg Chick, the co-author of All About Water,  with Global Water Works Vice President Mary Conley Eggert and Veronica Blette the Chief of the WaterSense Branch in the Office of Wastewater Management at the Environmental Protection Agency.

“Such a treat to see two water warriors together, knowing the combined impact you are making with WaterSense and Ramona’s Plumber sites, which millions visit annually!”

Mary Conley Eggert,  Global VP and Chief Innovation Officer at Global Water Works

2017 North American Water Loss Conference, San Diego, CA

Greg Chick with Mary Ann Dickinson the CEO of the Alliance for Water Efficiency, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the efficient and sustainable water use.

“You are a gift to us all in helping us understand the true value of water and steward it well!”

-Mary Conley Eggert,  Global VP and Chief Innovation Officer at Global Water Works

More Water Resources

Learn how to save money in your yard with this handy guide to drought-resistant landscaping from It will teach you even more about xeriscape, affordable and water friendly DIY improvements, and even landscape rebate programs.

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