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Read along to stories that inspire, educate, and inform! Adventure in the wilds of Idaho alongside Alicia in The Passage At Moose Beach and Finding The Lost. Quench your thirst for knowledge with tips and trivia from All About Water. Or delve into something spooky with terrifying tales from What Goes Unseen.

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The Passage At Moose Beach Animated Cover

The Passage At Moose Beach

By Michael Foster

While enjoying the lake eleven-year-old Alicia gets lost during a rainstorm and ends up transported to a strange realm. Alicia sets out on a difficult journey to discover a way home.

But can Alicia and her friends find a way to stop “The Drying” which threatens them all?

Episodes 1-4

Episodes 5-7

Finding The Lost Animated Cover

Finding The Lost:

Moose Beach Book Two

By Michael Foster

The morning after hearing a mysterious voice in the night, Alicia finds her parents frozen in a bubble outside their cabin in the woods. Alicia has a gut-wrenching feeling that the Wild Side, a magical and dangerous realm, is behind this.

She must find mystical Ancients in the magical realm or her parents may be doomed, but can she succeed?

Book Trailer

Episode 1-5

What Goes Unseen

& Other Tales From Afar

By Sean Minster

What lurks in the liminal spaces between the known and the unknown? From everyday to ethereal, the seven stories of What Goes Unseen & Other Tales From Afar peer into the cracks of life.

Debut author Sean Minster captures the fear, fun, mystery and murder of campfire tall tales mixed with the intelligence, angst, and nostalgia of his unique perspective and ever-curious mind.

The Great Hodag Hunt

The Girl In The Mountain

All About Water

As Told By The Plumber Who’s Seen It All

By Greg Chick

All About Water is an informative, fun illustrated book that tells the complete story of water through two fictional characters, cousins Mike and Mac Ro. Mike Ro is not interested in the big picture of water, while Mac Ro advocates for planet earth and does his best to educate Mike.

All About Water is useful for the homeowner who wants to learn how to read their water bill, anyone concerned about the global water crisis, or those who fall somewhere between. This book has something for everyone! 

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